Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Road Bowling fixtures April /May 2015



                                            Bol Chumann Na-Heireann

                Fixtures Sat.25th April.To Sun.24th  May 2015.

              No Bowling After 8.55.p.m. Sat.25th & Sun. 26th April.

                                              9.05.p.m. Sat,02nd& Sun. 03rd May.

                                              9.15.p.m. Sat.09th & Sun.10th  May.

                                              9.25.p.m. Sat.16th & Sun.17th  May.

                                              9.40.p.m. Sat.23rd & Sun. 24th May.


                                            Senior Championship Draws./Dates/Venues.

                                                                            Pool A

                                                  David Murphy v Ed.Sexton  Carrigaline.Sun.19/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  Garry Daly v Ed Sexton Whitechurch. Mon.04/05/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  David Murphy v Garry Daly Gortroe, Sun.24/05/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                                                                Pool B

                                                  James Donovan v Killian Kingston Glanworth. Sat.18/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  James Donovan v Aidan Murphy Jagoes Mills. Sat 23/05/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  Aidan Murphy v Killian Kingston Pouladuff. Sat.30/05/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                                                                Pool C.

                                                  Eamon Bowen v Brian Wilmot Terelton. Sun. 26/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  Eamon Bowen v James Buckley Bottle Hill.Sat.02/05/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  Brian Wilmot v James Buckley Newcestown. Sun.10/05/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                                                                Pool D

                                                  Seamus Sexton v Martin Coppinger Clondrohid.Sat.11/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  Martin Coppinger v Christy Mullins Bantry. Sun 26/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                                                  Christy Mullins v Seamus Sexton Lyre. Sat 02/05/15 At 3.p.m.

Pat Mc Carthy P/R/O/




Phone No.023/8848305


Harry Jennings.

Lake Road.

Tullineaskey East.



Phone 023/8869282.


All Clubs Note To Identify All Scores When Applying For Fixtures Tournament

Challenge Or Benefit. Results Of All Scores Played & Stakes Enter In

 To Your Return Sheets For The First Wednesday Of Each Month.


                                                   Munster Final Dates 2015.


Senior Ladies Q/Finals Tue.02/06/15 Wed.03/06/15 S/Finals Tue 16/06/15 Final Thur.25/06/15.

Girls & Boys Under 18 Q/F Fri.29/05/15 S/Finals  Fri.26/06/15 Finals Tue.30/06/15

 Boys  U14 Boys Q/Finals Mon.01/06/15 S/Finals Mon.15/06/15 Final Wed.24/06/15.

Junior A Men Q/Finals Tue 26/05/15 Wed.27/05/15 S/Finals Wed.10/06/15 Thur.11/06/15

Final Fri.26/06/15.

Intermediate  Men Q/Finals Fri.22/05/15  Sat.23/05/15 S/Finals Sat.13/06/15

Final Sat.27/06/15

Intermediate Ladies  Q/Finals Tue.23/06/15 S/Finals Thur.02/07/15 Final Tue.21/07/15

Girls & Boys Under 16 & U12 Boys  Q/Finals Tue.30/06/15 Fri.03/07/15 S/Finals Tue.07/07/15 Finals Fri.17/07/15.

Senior Men Q/Finals  Sun 14/06/15.Sun.21/06/15 S/Finals Sat.04/07/15 & Sun.05/07/15 Final Sun.19/07/15.

Junior Vet Q/Finals Mon.15/06/15 & Tue.16/06/15 S/Finals Thur.02/07/15 Final Thur.09/07/15

Novice Vet Q/Finals Wed.17/06/15 Thur.18/06/15 S/Finals Mon.29/06/15 Final Wed.08/07/15

Over All Vet Final Thur.16/07/15.

Junior B Men Q/Finals Fri.10/07/15 S/Finas Fri.17/07/15 Final Fri.24/07/15.

Junior Ladies.& Girls U12 & U14 Q/Finals Wed.01/07/15 S/Finals Wed.15/07/15 Finals Mon.27/07/15.

Junior C Q/Finals Tue.14/07/15 S/Finals Tue.28/07/15 Final  Sun.16/08/15.

Novice One Q/Finals Wed.22/07/15 & Thur.23/07/15 S/Finals Sat.08/08/15 Final Sat.15/08/15.

Novice Two Q/Finals Fri.24/07/15 Sat.25/07/15 S/Finals  Fri.07/08/15 Final Fri.14/08/15.

Over All Vintage Final Sat.19/09/15

 All Regional Secretaries Note Grades From Junior A Down Will Play A First Round Preliminary.

That All Champioship Finals In All Regions Are Finished Two Weeks  Before The Above Quarter Final Dates                                                                                                                                                                                      


                                  All Ireland Finals Lyre  Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July. 2015.

Senior Ladies.Under 18 Girls & Boys .U14 Boys & Junior A Men. & Intermediate Men.


                                 All Ireland Finals Armagh Saturday 01st & Sunday 02nd August  2015

Intermediate Ladies.Under 16 girls & Boys & U12 Boys. Senior Men.Junior B Men. Junior Vet Or novice Vet.



                                All Ireland Finals Saturday 05th & Sunday 06th September 2015.

                                Junior C. Novice One & Novice Two Venue To Be Decided on.










                                  Intermediate Championship Pools A/B/C/D 2015

                                                                Dates & Venues

                                                                         Pool  A 

                      Wayne Callanan v Gavin Twohig Templemartin Sun.01/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Wayne Callanann v Kieran Murphy Beal Na Morrive Tue.17/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Wayne Callanan v Sean Murphy Gortroe Sat.21/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Gavin Twohig v Kieran Murphy Macroom Sun.22/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Sean Murphy v Kieran Murphy Newcestown  Wed 08/04/15 at 6.45.p.m  

                      Sean Murphy v Donal Riordan Timoleague Sun.12/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Donal Riordan v Kieran Murphy Kilnamarta Sun.19/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                      GavinTwohig v Sean Murphy Clubhouse Fri.24/04/15 At 6.45.p.m.

                      Wayne Callanan v Donal Riordan Shannonvale Sun.26/04/15 At 3.p.m

                      Gavin Twohig v Donal Riordan Rosscarbery Sun.03/05/15 At 3.p.m.



                                                                         Pool B

                      John Shorten v Pat Butler Kilcorney Sat.28/02/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Willie Donovan v Ml Bohane Whitechurch  Sun.01/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      John Shorten v Ml Bohane Ardcahan Sat.14/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Willie Donovan v Nicholas Carey Clashmore Sun.15/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Willie Donovan v Pat Butler Fermoy Sun.29/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Ml Bohane v Pat Butler Crookstown Sat.04/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Nicholas Carey v Pat Butler Doneraile Fri.10/04/15 At 6.45..p.m.

                      Willie Donovan v John Shorten Waterfall Sun.19/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Nicholas Carey v Ml Bohane Carrigaline Sat..25/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                      Nicholas Carey v John Shorten Donoughmore Sun.03/05/15 At 3.p.m.



                                                                        Pool C

                     Patrick Donoghue v P.J.Cooney Templemichael  Sat.07/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Patrick Driscoll v Trevor Meara Pouladuff Sun.08/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Patrick Driscoll v P.J.Cooney Glanworth Sun.05/04/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Patrick Donoghue v Patrick Driscoll Conna Fri.10/04/15 At 6.45.p.m.

                     Patrick Donoghue v Trevor Meara Sallys Cross Wed.15/04/15 At 6.45.p.m.

                     Trevor Meara v P.J.Cooney Carrignavar Sun.26/04/15 At 3.p.m.



                                                                        Pool D

                     Denis Driscoll v Davy Fitzgerald Castletown Sun.08/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Andrew Leary v Ray Ryan Terelton Sat.14/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Ray Ryan v Denis Driscoll Marsh Road Sat.21/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Davy Fitzgerald v Andrew Leary Grenagh Sun29/03/15 At 3.p.m.

                     Davy Fitzgeral;d v Ray Ryan Kilumney Wed.15/04/15 At 6.45.p.m.

                     Denis Driscoll v Andrew Leary Ballyvourney Fri.01/05/15 At 6.45.p.m.





                                           Inter Regional Draws & Venues  2015.

                                                             Junior A & Junior B

                                                                    First Round

                                                 (A)  East v Carbery Castletown

                                                 (B)  City v North Carrignavar. 

                  Second Round

(1)  London v North East Ballinacurrig

(2)  South West v West. Rosscarbery

(3)  Mid v Gaeltacht Kilcorney.

(4)  East Or Carbery v City Or North. Venue to be decided on.

               Semi/Final Draws 4 v 3     1 v 2



                Junioir C. Junior Vet & Novice Vet & Novice One & Two Venues

                                                        First Round

                                    (A)  Gaeltacht v East Donoughmore.

                   Second Round.

(1)  North v Carbery Togher Cross

(2)  South West v West Reenascreena.

(3)  Mid v Gaeltacht Or East Bealnamorrive.

(4)  City v North East Ballinacurrig.

                   Semi/Finals Draws 4 v 2   1 v 3


                 Junior Ladies & All Under Age Girls & Boys venues.

                                                     First Round

                                     (A)  Gaeltacht v East Gortroe

                  Second Round..

(1)  North v Carbery Ballinacarriga.

92)  South West v West Marsh Road.

(3)  Mid v Gaeltacht or East Ballinagree.

(4)  City v North East Cobh.

                    Semi/Finals  Draws 4 v 2   1 v 3


                  Junior C. Novice One & Novice Two All Ireland Semi/Final Draws

                                                       Junior C

                                      Connaught v North America v Ulster.

                                      Munster v London v Leinster.


                                                       Novice One.

                                      Ulster v London v Connaught.

                                      Leinster v North America v Munster.


                                                       Novice Two

                                      Munster v North America v Ulster.

                                      Connaught v London v Leinster.