Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Road Bowling affilliation fees.


Bol Chumann Affiliation fees for 2019.

Senior & Intermediate Men £70.

Senior & Intermediate Ladies £50.

Junior & Novice Men £55.

Junior Ladies £30.

Junior & Novice Vetern £55.If playing two grades.

Junior Vet £30 if playing one grade.

Novice Vet £30 if playing one grade.

Vintage £25 if playing two grades £55.

Under 18 Girls & Boys £30. if playing in adult championship

No additional cost.

All other under age Girls & Boys £10.

Social Clubs £250. covers twenty members

Any add on members £15 each.

Non playing members £15 each.

Note this is the cost Bol Chumann na heireann charge.Some Regions may charge

Extra to cover prizes etc.

Happy new Year to all.

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